How To Prevent Plumbing Pipes From Freezing In Winter

Frozen Pipe Is every Home-Owner’s Nightmare

In this guide we go through basics on how to protect pipes against freezing in the winter.

The Greater Toronto Area with More than 7 Million Population and Cold winter is a place that a lot of Home-owners look for plumbers near to their locations.

freezing pipe

Specially during the cold winter and for emergency situations.
  • Burst pipe
  • Clogged Toilet / Sink / Bathtub / or every Clogged Main Drain pipe
  • Leaky pipe
  • Broken Water Heater

And the list goes on and on.

Plumbers Near Me is The word I suggest you to use while searching for a local plumber in your area.


And it does not matter if you are living in Core Downtown Toronto or any other locations close to Toronto, Like Etobicoke and Mississauga, East York. Or if you live farther away in Hamilton, Brampton, Oshawa and other cities and towns.

Every year, the winter season comes with some happiness over children’s faces as well as issues that can make you tackle to various issues. Surely, the regions where the temperatures go below zero degree face most of the issues. Well, the common issue is water freezing in pipes. The plumbing pipes are the important one to supply water in home but if they are blocked then getting the normal water to drink become is the biggest issue too. However, there are some methods which can help in getting rid of such issues with ease.

heating plumbing pipes

The below given are few tips that can help in staying away from issues like frozen pipe. These methods are –

  1. Keeping the heat on in home is primary and easy method. It may be hard to convince your tenant as they are paying for their utility but you can tell them about freezing pipe issues and the responsibility. This method work for sure and it can keep the water keep flowing. Just keeping the heat above than 50° F is enough to never face issues like frozen pipe.
  2. If the faucet is dripping water and you are worrying that the water may freeze in pipe then you should let the water drip by a little. Surely you don’t want to waste water but it will keep the water flowing drop by drop and never let it freeze easily.
  3. The freezing pipe can burst. In order to prevent burst pipe, you can try out this method. Keeping the interior doors will ease up the work. If you open the cabinet door then it will flow the warm air in and keep the faucet warm by a little temperature.

These are some of the best methods which can help in getting rid of all the issues occurring due to frozen water. You can try out other solutions too. There are two more methods which are highly effective but costly.

insulating plumbing pipes

Add Up Some Extra Insulation

There are pipes in the basement that doesn’t have any kind of insulation. These can be areas where the water can freeze and you can face issues in upcoming days. Well, if you do some extra insulation then it is easy to get rid of such issues with ease. You can keep the water flowing and eradicate issues occurring due to frozen pipe. It can be expensive solution to install some insulation but if you are living in region where temperature is always low then it is must to invest thing and you shouldn’t avoid it.

Final Words

You can try out all the methods given above and you can also consult contractors to get some tips to never face issues like burst pipe. These issues are getting common in cold Provinces but you won’t have to worry anymore. Surely the above given methods can help in going well and alleviating all the issues with ease. Make sure to choose proper insulation and repairing the cracks.

How to Remove a Drain Clog Using Natural Cleaning Products

Drainage that is congested is truly horrible.

It also contributes in giving you annoyance and frustration.

Closed drainage is caused by falling hairs in your restroom after every shower and small pieces of food grains in your kitchen sink.

Clearing out congested drainage is very essential for proper sanitation and cleanliness. Knowing that your drainage has stopped up, it is too disappointing and time consuming having a poor drainage on restrooms and sinks.
Basic materials, for instance, vinegar, baking soda, and needles or nozzle, helps you in dealing with drainage problem. However, one can also opt to using ordinary cleaning materials in combination with these basic resources because we guarantee its safety and efficiency.

Get ready with your cleaning solution before you begin your clearing out session. A cleaning solution may appear by mixing one cup of white vinegar and five cups of water in a spray pot or any container that has a cover. You can also utilize the use of baking soda or sodium bicarbonate or hydrated sodium borate. You combine the mixture with white vinegar. For safety measures, please wear effective gloves as the activity proceeds because definitely, the process becomes horrible. Removing of screws on your drain is the first method to consider making sure you have access to the part that clogs.

Now, you can start dispensing your cleaning solution down your sink in the kitchen or restroom perhaps. Leave your sinks for at least 20 minutes and you will observe that your sink is foam-covered with baking soda concentration. This is effective in clearing out your drainage system. After the duration of 20 minutes, you may pour hot and fresh water on your sink.

You can stir up the materials that were left on the sink by using a long plunger. An idea of constructing suction also stops sink to overflow. Suction causes materials to be drained into an internal space that will serve as storage. You let the water to fully consume while washing out the drain with hot water. If you wish to have an entirely clean sink, all you need to do is to repeat the previous methods you did.

Take into consideration that the method above mentioned works best if your sink has stocked up entirely. You ought to see a development in your drainage system after doing the same process many times, let us say for example , doing it twice or thrice. However, if you have been keeping on doing the same cleaning method a couple of times and no improvement has been observed, it is highly recommended that you consult your plumber.

There are several solutions that help in breaking up clogs in your sinks. Concentrated vinegar solution, as an example, can be found in supermarkets and grocery shops near you. Also, prefer to look for plungers that are small in size. Hardware shops offered these kinds of plungers.

With salt and its components, when transferred directly to congested drainage, it thaws out drain ducts. Salts are most essential when tube pipes are exposed to cold temperature or during wintry weather. Melting down congested drainage is very important in order to wash out water during the cold season efficiently.

When you make use of other chemicals, it is no longer significant to utilize the use of salt because it is hazardous to combine the processes. There is a greater chance that upon combining salt and other substances, it will bring pipes to rot and perish. To eliminate rust and oxidized drain tube pipes permanently, you may apply some products that are capable of rust removing.

snaking clogged drain

Be extra careful in dealing chemicals because substances like concentrated vinegar which contains acetic acid has a negative impact on your skin, eyes, your nose, and your throat. Irritations may occur when this happen. Hence, minimize contact with your skin by using these chemicals. Do not act like as if you are Albert Einstein when dealing with solutions in sanitizing your drainage system.

Testing sanitary products for personal use is not recommended because these tools are hazardous and involves risk when not properly used. Bear in mind that these tools are intended to eradicate the unsafe results of dirt to your physical condition and to your home.

Scientifically speaking, chemical products are very active and are potential to be very dangerous; hence one should have a need of defensive blockade no matter how complicated it is to do the cleaning. These chemical substances do not need extra effort upon usage so you can wash hassle-free. It is better to be safe than sorry.